Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | January 24, 2012

A growth mindset

Keep your tie safe.

It’s hard to believe we are over halfway through our time in Greensboro. Since Brian’s CFA unit is located in a mall, December was definitely high traffic! The slower January pace has been nice, although it’s brought some unexpected challenges.

During Brian’s Interim Manager (IM) training, we tried to continue our practice of “cross training.” It’s a term we coined to describe passing on knowledge or information that we learn on an individual basis to each other. For example, I would try to teach Brian about Salvador Minuchin and his theory on structural family therapy when I was in grad school. (Not that he’s ready to get his counseling license, but he does know a thing or two about psychology!)

Visiting Brian on the weekends during his IM training, he would attempt to recap the things he was learning. One thing that stood out to me was the concept of having a GROWTH mindset. It is similar to being a life-long learner — always having an open mindset to re-evaluate things, improve, and evolve as needed. It means everyone has something to teach you — those in authority and those you are in authority over. Having a growth mindset turns mishaps into learning experiences. It keeps us humble, self-aware, and constantly growing as individuals and in our marriage.

What’s a marriage with a growth mindset look like? We did a little brainstorming and here’s what we came up with… spouses with a growth mindset are:

– open to admit they were wrong
– willing to learn new ways to load the dishwasher or fold the laundry
– quick to forgive
– continually pursuing one another (date nights, romancing, etc…)
– continually learning about the other (who they are and who they are becoming)

And now, the picture. Can you guess what is Brian learning? Make sure you take your tie out of the safe before you lock it. 🙂 Ah-ah!



  1. Hmm. I think the picture teaches me more about the dangers of wearing a tie. To prevent getting my tie caught in a safe I make sure to leave my tie at home every day. 🙂

  2. 🙂

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