Posted by: Bethany Davis | December 31, 2011

Highlights in Huntsville

At the end of November, we concluded our time in Huntsville, AL, and moved on to Greensboro, NC. We posted a “to-do” list while we were in AL – here’s some highlights of what we accomplished.

1.  Visit Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro

Ever wonder what happened that jacket you lost in the airport or that luggage that disappeared? Well, chances are it ended up in Scottsboro, AL. Unclaimed Baggage has the rights to any items lost in the airports or the planes. The place was packed out with anything and everything you can imagine. Angela (another IM’s wife), Vera, and I took a day to check this place out. I came back with a few new clothing items and accessories.

2. Hike the 1 mile trail from our apartment complex up the mountain

Check! We did this several times and enjoyed the clean air and mountain view.

3. Eat at one of the many authentic German restaurants in the area

Vera found the perfect moment to dive into our German Chocolate Cake frosting – while Brian was taking my picture (see below)! I bet she’s gonna be a chocolate lover like her momma. 🙂

We ate at Schnitzel Ranch, which is owned and operated by a family from Germany. Each table had a little flag to raise when you wanted your waitress to come to your table. And, the food was great!



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