Posted by: Bethany Davis | December 1, 2011

Suspense. Adventure. Romance. Jaw-dropping moments.

our 2010 Christmas picture

During my senior year of high school, our AP English class had monthly, oral book reports. I would look at the booklist and try to find the thinnest book on the list.

Other people had their own shortcuts, too. Like the classmate who started every book report with the same string adjectives, “Suspense. Adventure. Romance. Jaw-dropping moments….” And so on. Each book they selected seemed to the fit the mold.

And why am I reminded of this? Well, it’s Christmas card writing time. I feel like the above introduction could be the first line our Christmas card – year after year. I could just keep the heading at the top of the word document and then continue with an update. How easy it would be to begin writing our letter!

This is our fourth Christmas as a couple (1 year engaged + 3 married) — and each year does not disappoint. There’s been:

  1. Suspense (where will we be living next month? What will we name our daughter?)
  2. Adventure (date nights, exploring new cities, and cooking escapades)
  3. Romance (celebrating mile markers like 500 days of marriage, anniversaries, and weekend getaways, and the romance of every day spent together)
  4. Jaw-dropping moments – (“we’re pregnant?”, entering the IM program and putting most of our earthly possessions into a storage unit)

So you can see why I’m considering adopting this new, permanent introduction to the Christmas letter. Plus, it would save me from procrastination moments – like writing a blog post instead of writing the letter… 🙂 Ok, off to work, then!


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