Posted by: Bethany Davis | November 19, 2011

The Celebration continues…

our attempt at a self-timer shot!

On November 16, my actual birthday, a surprise evening (planned by my dear husband) awaited me. First stop: Bridge Street. This outdoor shopping area boasts a carousel and gondola rides (which we’ll have to save for another time when we don’t have Vera!).

Brian dropped me off at Blue Medspa for a massage. I fell in love with the Earl Grey Lavender tea in the waiting room and felt quite relaxed before the massage even began. The masseuse  informed me that my right shoulder had quite a knot in it — which convinced me that Vera must be gaining weight, as this is the side I typically carry her on!

Also at Bridge Street is a new Anthropologie store (which, if you’ve reading our blog for long enough, you know this is probably my favorite store!). I picked out some small birthday gifts and marveled at the in-store installations and displays. It was a treat to shop, while Brian took on stroller duty.

cupcakes (via Bakingdom)

We dined at the Cotton Row on Huntsville’s downtown square. It was a romantic atmosphere with a lot of history — the building itself dates back to 1821. The food was so flavorful and I savored every bite.

The night before my birthday we stayed up late making salted caramel mocha coffee frappuccino cupcakes. (that’s a mouthful!). They were a lot of work — included 2 unplanned trips to Publix — but, the end result was worth it. The gooey salted carmel in the middle is definitely the best part.

I feel so blessed to have a husband who loves me and pampers me on my birthday and EVERY day. And, I feel blessed to have spent my first birthday as a mom. Oh, the joys!



  1. Bethany you’re so beautiful! I’m so happy you had a wonderful birthday. btw: is your phone number the same? I called to wish you happy happy birthday but…voicemail. anyway. hugs to you and Brian and Vera is a complete doll!!

    • hey tiffany! yes, my number still the same. just haven’t gotten around to setting the voicemail up. Thanks for calling on my b-day! so fun to hear your voice. we move tomorrow, but will write and/or call sooooon!

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