Posted by: Bethany Davis | November 18, 2011

Nashville :: Bethany’s birthday weekend

It’s become a tradition to take a quick trip on our birthday weekends. We’ve gone to Senoia and Chattanooga in the past year. For my 28th year of life, we headed an hour and half north to Nashville. Richmont friends Rachel and Jason hosted us and let us attend their Anglican church on Sunday morning. Other stops worth mentioning include enjoyed the Anthropologie in Green Hills and Burger Up in the unique 12 South neighborhood.

Our favorite area of town was adjacent to Bellmont and Vanderbilt. The Hillsboro Village had some unique restaurants, shops, and was a great place to people watch. As we’ve traveled, I’ve enjoying watching the shifts in fashion by region.

Here, however, I felt right at home. The women’s thick textured sweaters, leggings, tall boots, printed scarves, and nerd glasses were everywhere!

We had a lovely lunch at Provence, a French-style bakery. The bread was, of course, delicious, along with the pistachio macaroons. What a tasty treat!

At a used bookstore we picked up what might be our new form of entertainment in the evenings — a book on Parlor games and indoor amusements. All the games require minimal, if any, supplies. Mostly just your noggin! Written in old English, it’s a hilarious read with some old-fashioned fun. 

I picked up a little something from Pangaea gift shop, then we meandered over to The Clothing Exchange , a “recycled clothier.” This impressed me as vintage shop done right. I’ve been to too many over crowded thrift stores with clothing stuffed into racks where it takes way too long to sift through. This place, however, had everything on wooden hangers, with nice price labels, and boutique style dressing room and “staff picks” out front. Well done.

Coming to the close of our afternoon, we settled into a cozy window seat at Hot and Cold, a local coffee shop. The fall drink specials were particularly inviting (sweet potato? in an espresso drink? Oh, yes!). Vera woke up from her stroller nap, giving us some family time on a perfect fall afternoon. I’m not sure what I thought 28 would feel like, but I’ve decided I like it. 🙂



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