Posted by: Bethany Davis | November 8, 2011

Fireside Church

After a demanding week of work, we decided to attend a local church this Sunday — Fireside.

And, it was great! We put Vera down for a nap, made some coffee, and watched an online sermon in front of our fireplace. We picked one of Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC speaking about the idols we have in our lives (below).

Idols make us slaves — taking over every part our life — consuming thoughts, time, and money (just to name a few!). We forfeit truly important things in life to attain what we think we want. Like an addict, getting drugs/alcohol can cost them the people they hold dear – their own families. The idols we hold become gods, whether intended or not!

Dr. Keller challenged us to look at our lives and our surrounding circles to see what vies for our worship. In the cities we’ve lived in, materialism and outward appearance ranks high on the list. In the business world, it’s profit, profit, profit! And, spending time with other moms, I see how easy it is to value well-behaved children and a well-kept home. (As if these things dictate our worth as women!)

The things that become idols are not bad in and of themselves — it’s the role they play in our lives. If they steal our worship from the Lord, they are misplaced. The Lord is a jealous God (Exodus 20:4-5), demanding our full attention because (1) it’s due His name and (2) we will be most happy when we choose to serve a loving God over all else, rather than serve created things (Romans 1), which ALWAYS disappoint.

One area where God must come first is our marriage. In a society where happy marriages seem to be a scarcity, we’ve been asked the question, “What is your secret?” Well, it’s not a secret, and it’s not us that’s making it work. (and our marriage is far from perfect, by the way!) We cannot truly love one another in our human strength. And if we were, our marriage itself would be an idol before God – we would be trusting in our own capabilities rather than the Lord.

Keller said something like this — “I know one day either my wife or I will be looking at the other in a coffin.” As morbid as it sounds, the truth is that this marriage is not eternal – but our marriage to the Lord will last forever. If we are only looking to each for our happiness and contentment, we will be disappointed. Like the verse we have inscribed on our rings, Rev. 19:7, we must be preparing each other to be the bride of Christ.

How do we do this? By giving our lives up for each other as Christ did for the Church and mutually submitting (Eph. 5). We see this daily in the small things – sacrificing and surrendering. Because we’ve established total trust, we can take our “walls” down and risk giving of ourselves. In our marriage, being vulnerable and serving is not a risk – it’s a path to joy. By both of us bringing our love to Christ first, we are best able to love each other.



  1. I need a mailing addresss for the new home!

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