Posted by: Bethany Davis | November 5, 2011

Sewing an ‘extender slip’

I don’t have a “bucket list” per say, but there are some experiences I’d like to have and projects I’d like to complete. One such accomplishment was learning to use a sewing machine.

Back in June I snagged (off freecycle) a vintage sewing machine from the 70s. It’s an adorable metal, White brand with turquoise coloring. It doesn’t do all those fancy-smancy things, but it’s got the basics. (which is actually as far as my skills take me thus far!)

Inspired by this blog, I set out to make an extender slip to wear under summer dresses and skirts. I had a few skirts that were a tad too short for comfort, and some that needed a little more pizzazz.

With my $1 thrift store skirt and 50% ribbon lace at Joanne’s, I was ready to sew. I was happy with the finished product and got to wear it several times before the weather changed.

Hooray for successful DIYs! Hopefully I’ll have many more sewing projects in my near future!



  1. So cute! I so need to learn to sew, but my mom is the master and it is just so *easy* to take things to her when I need anything…

    • Yes, I know just what you mean! I don’t think I’ll ever stop bringing projects back to my mom either!

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