Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 18, 2011

On asking God why

Stone Mountain -photo snapped during my run

Every time I look at Stone Mountain I wonder why. God can create anything — why this? why here? was it an afterthought? was it done in jest? why does it look bald? why did this bulge of quartz monzonite pop out from the earth like a pimple?

Sometimes I ask God the same question (Why?!) when I think about the path He has our family on. Brian was recently accepted into the Interim Manager (IM) program with Chick-fil-A (CFA). After 3 weeks of training, we will be moved to a furnished apartment (in a location that still unbeknownst to us!). Brian will be running a CFA store that is currently without an operator for a minimum of 3 months. Then we will be moved to the next location to repeat the process until, Lord willing, we receive our own store.

Brian with Vera after his IM interview

It’s fitting that for Brian’s Chick-fil-A training, the program participants are staying at the hotel within Stone Mountain Park. Last week, I ran around part of the mountain (Brian circled the entire mountain!).

As I looked at the bald bulge with no other mountains in sight, I had to smile. It was the perfect picture of how I sometimes experience God’s direction… I want to ask why!

According to my limited perspective, moving around after having a baby isn’t what I had in mind. Yet, God’s perspective is complete. The unknowns I see in the future and not mysteries to the Lord, but well-laid plans to glorify Himself.

Brian and I decided we could take one of two approaches to looking at the future and the IM program:

1) it’s a hassle and it’s going to be drudgery
2) what an adventure we have ahead!

We’ve decided to go with #2. Plus, the goal is not to get our own store – it’s to follow the Lord wherever He takes us. And that perspective gives the waiting process much more meaning and purpose!


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