Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 14, 2011

Fall Race Days

"Go Daddy!" cheering Brian on at 1/2 marathon

Last summer Brian and I decided to run a few races together (well, “together” isn’t right word… we ran the same race at the same time, with me trailing behind Brian!). I ran the Peachtree 10K, we both ran the Labor Day 10K classic (see the blog post) and Marietta’s First Baptist’s 5k.

This year, Brian moved on to bigger and more challenging things. Like, running his first half marathon.

On September 23rd, we left early in the morning for the Red Top Mountain 1/2 Marathon. As Brian finished registration, the sun came up. Vera and I cheered Brian on as the race began and headed to the 8 mile mark to give some encouragement. Brian was near the front of the pack and even paused to give me a quick kiss.

Bradley and Leslie joined us at the finish line. Brian came through at 1:53 – meeting his goal of completing the VERY hilly course under 2 hours. Brian even received first place in his age group!

5k finish line

The next weekend, I decided to run in the Marietta First Baptist 5k again this year. I’d been doing a little conditioning for indoor soccer, so 3.1 miles seemed manageable. Brian graciously offered to watch Vera so I could run without the jogging stroller. yay!

Surprisingly, my finish time was very close to my time from last year — when I was pregnant. The race was quite small, which meant I received first in my age group as well!

So what’s next? Well, Brian is signed up for the Silver Comet Half Marathon on Oct. 29th. A group from Stonebridge (our church), has been running together in preparation for the race. Vera and I will be there again to cheer him on!

2010 5k with Brandon and Laura (and Vera inside my belly!)

2011 5k with Brandon (and Vera outside my belly!)


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