Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 9, 2011

Literacy Day + our top 5 baby books

Since yesterday was literacy day, I thought we’d share our top 5 books about pregnancy and babies.



1. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. Highlights: how to learn what your babies cries mean, scheduling your baby using the EASY acronym, the sleep stages and when to put your baby down to sleep (VERY helpful!), baby temperaments… the book should be read with a thick English accent as the author is from England!



2. Babywise. We haven’t strictly followed this method (not doing the “Cry it Out”),  but gleaned a lot from the book as a whole. Highlights: warnings about overstimulating your baby, and how to structure feeding times and work toward getting your baby to sleep through the night.





3. Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy. Hilarious! Highlights: all the things that you are too embarrassed to ask your doctor about or simply don’t have time for in your monthly check-ups.




4. From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds. We checked this beautiful hardcover book out from the public library. Highlights: the photography is phenomenal! We enjoyed tracking Vera’s birth through the pictures and descriptions of how she is developing.



5. Safe Baby Handling Tips. This board book was amazing shower gift from the Swansons. We laugh every time we read it! Highlights: a wheel of responsibility on the front so you can take turns caring for the baby, and valuable tips for first time parents. 😉



…Thought this page from the Safe Baby book was appropriate after our cloth diapering post! ha!…



  1. Girlfriend’s Guide was my absolute favorite. I read it twice while pregnant and then I read the one for the first year. I need to start reading that one again now that I have a 1 month old baby!

    So glad you liked the crock pot orange chicken recipe! : )

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