Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 7, 2011

Chicago trip

Lauren, our host!

We took the long holiday weekend to visit some dear friends in chicago. It was Brian’s (and Vera’s) first time there, so visited some main attractions as well as saw things off the beaten track. (speaking of the “beaten track,” Brian enjoyed an almost-9-mile run on Lakeshore path- go Brian!)

We stayed with Lauren, a friend of mine since 6th grade, at her place in Pilsen, Chicago. Walking around the downtown area felt like we were transported to a different country! We took in the culture and popped into a vintage store.

Lauren took us to Millennium Park where we enjoyed a picnic lunch from Pastoral with delicous international cheeses. We showed Vera “the bean,” watched people play in the fountains, and saw a cop on a segway. cool.

Brian and I went to a lovely wedding and thoroughly enjoyed new and old friends … and the photo booth props! 🙂

It was wonderful to see Justin (a dear friend I’ve also known since middle school), Megan (a friend from college) for some deep dish pizza, and Ashley (one of our Impact360 alums) at her college, Moody Bible. We also had lunch at the new Chicago Chick-fil-A, and oooed and awed over the neat layout and urban design. Brian even got to tour the kitchen!


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