Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | August 28, 2011

Half-Marathon and an Important Interview

I’ve decided to run a half-marathon.

There’s potential (we’re praying, hoping, and planning for the best) that some movement is coming soon for our family as far as my career. More to come on that. Our church (Stonebridge in Marietta) has started a running group and there’s about 8-10 of us who turn out twice a week to run together. A lot of the folks are going to run the Silver Comet half-marathon at the end of October.

If all goes well we could potentially be moving at the end of October.

So…I’m planning to run a different half-marathon: The Race for the Fallen at Red Top Mountain. It’s on September 17th. And I have a big interview coming up on September 20th. That means I have three weeks to make sure I’m ready for 13.1 miles and to get completely ready for the most important interview of my life. Please pray for me.

And if you see me, keep me in check by making sure that I’m balancing these things properly.


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