Posted by: Bethany Davis | July 6, 2011

A peek at the nursery

Vera's room

Living in a one-bedroom loft apartment is not ideal when adding a person to your family. Even though she only weighs 9 pounds, her entourage of stuff sure takes up a lot of space! We had to do some creative rearranging as her due date approached.

The “nursery” – if you can call it that – exists in the hallway as soon as you walk in the front door. For the shelves, we used some of the same barn wood we used to make our bed and other shelves in the loft.

We were able to incorporate several  decorative items from our baby showers.  (Thank you, dear friends!) The tall vase with white branches and paper rosettes was made by Vera’s Aunt Ashley. The “you are my sunshine” poster (left of shelving) was made by Aunt Leslie as a play off of Vera’s in utero nickname – “Sunshine.” And hanging from the rafters (not pictured) are some pink tissue paper pom-poms that Elizabeth made.

rocking chair in the bedroom

Vera’s calendar, a gift from her Grammy, is how we record her developmental milestones and daily activities. Next to the yellow door is her bassinet — the same bassinet that I slept in as an infant!

Finding a spot for the rocker was tricky. It wouldn’t fit in the hallway, so we moved out our full-length mirror and put it in the bedroom. I think it’s the perfect analogy for parenthood… Sacrificing our own space and time, and not reflecting as much on ourselves!

In the same way that baby things are now littered across our loft, Vera has become incorporated into every aspect of our lives. Families are a beautiful thing to grow!

front door "It's a girl" bow


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