Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 26, 2011

Brian’s First Father’s Day

Daddy time -- note Brian's daddy award ribbon!

Before Vera, Brian had never changed a diaper. But he has certainly made up for lost time – in more ways than one! He’s changed his share of poopy diapers, but I can also attest to what an amazing father Brian is.

After working a long day Brian still makes time for me and Vera. Each day includes some “daddy time” of letting Vera rest on his chest — I think this is her happy place!

Vera gave Daddy a Papa’s Day Berenstain Bear’s book and some homemade chocolate covered pretzel rods. I think someone tipped her off to one of Daddy’s favorite snacks… (wink)

For Father’s Day we celebrated with some delicious meals. For lunch we had avocado, bacon, and pepper jack paninis, corn and zucchini salad, and blue chips and salsa with sparkling peach lemonade.

For dinner, we made sweet potato fries, green beans, coffee rubbed steak, and key lime pie.

We also had the delight of my long-time friend, Elizabeth, visiting from Raleigh over the weekend. She can attest to the challenge of making the key lime pie!

This pie pushed my cooking limits. I thought I had met my match after burning the first crust and not being able to whip the meringue. We ran out of eggs are were going to have to settle for lime curd in a crust.

I was not having happy feelings toward the pie at this point! Brian saved the day and asked his parents, who were coming to visit, to bring some more eggs. The pie was rescued and turned out to be a hit! Yay for teamwork 🙂

It’s hard to believe Vera is about 8 pounds now – I can’t image when she’s 8 years old! I can’t wait to see Brian continue to grow into being a father as Vera grows.



  1. You can make the key lime pie again when you come to visit in July!!

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