Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 18, 2011

Moments of calm

A pot of chai on a rainy day

The teacup on the left is from Rome. The double decker on the right is from Potsdam, Germany.


It’s been seven weeks since Vera was born, and there is no denying how different our life is! Currently, I’m a stay-at-home mom and have the privilege of taking care of Vera, tending to the loft, and welcoming Brian home from work each day. What a joy!

We’re learning we have to be intentional to make time for one another — even if its just a few minutes of calm! During the storms on Sunday afternoon, Vera was asleep and we cuddled up to a pot of chai. It’s been a favorite of our to share since we were dating, and we even served it at our wedding.

The tea cups are some that I collected during my 9-months in Europe with Greater Europe Mission. They are usually displayed on a shelf, but we’ve been making an effort to actually use those finer items we own. China cabinets are great, but we want our things  to be held and enjoyed rather than just ‘artwork.’

More often that not, I want to choose to enjoy the finer things and remember the joy of receiving/purchasing them. For example, while in Berlin my dad came to visit me for a few days. We took a day trip to the nearby palace at Potsdam and had great time. I was so thankful for his German-speaking skills! The German tea cup I purchased there is genius. The tea light on the bottom keeps your beverage hot!

We hope to continue to steal away whenever possible. We will always need our date nights away from home, but the simplicity of at-home moments here and there are priceless!


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