Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 17, 2011

Anne Frank Exhibit

Brian (and Vera) at the Sandy Springs exhibit

Last Saturday we planned a visit to Sandy Springs to see the Anne Frank exhibit. Vera came along in the okkatot (see photo to the left) and had a great nap! (Ps- it’s featured today on Babysteals if you  want a bargain!)

Brian and I soaked in the World War history through 600 photographs and a 28-minute video with the only known footage of Anne Frank.

I had always thought of Anne Frank’s family hiding in an attic, but in reality they lived in an annex between two building. The exhibit houses a replica of Anne’s room and the bookcase that hid the door to the annex.

What an incredible and short life Anne Frank lived. She died only two weeks short of liberation by the British. Her father was the only survivor from the family and completed Anne’s wish to be a published writer by compiling her diary into a book.

In 2008, when Brian and I were in Poland with IMPACT 360, we had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz — the Nazi concentration camp. It’s an understatement to say that it was sobering to walk through the grounds were so many were slain and tortured. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Photo I took in 2008 of the gate to Auschwitz with the motto "Work makes one free."

The Anne Frank exhibit showed pictures of prominent people who deny the Holocaust happened. It’s applauding to think people can take this stance — especially when you consider this type of genocide is still happening today in places like Darfur.

I’m thankful for exhibits and museums like one we saw, reminding us how the sacredness of life and the tremendous loss that occurred at the hands the Nazis.

If you are in the Atlanta area, I’d encourage you to take an afternoon and visit!

Anne Frank



  1. so jealous, would love to see that exhibit…she was my childhood hero, still is.

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