Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 13, 2011

anniversary brunch celebration

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know of our love for cooking together. We’ve made some amazing creations and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. We couldn’t let our anniversary pass without taking time to prepare a few items in the kitchen.

On Valentine’s Day 2010, Brian surprised me with a delicious chocolate pie, recipe courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. We’ve talked it up ever since and decided we’d make it again, and found it was even better than we remembered it.

For brunch, we tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest. (Of which I plan to write a post on soon!) We cooked up some hashbrowns baskets, which we paired with a granola yogurt parfait. It turned out great!

Notice the lovely flowers from Brian on the table. I’m able to enjoy them knowing he’s the type of guy who doesn’t need a holiday to give me flowers, but doesn’t miss a chance to do so when the occasion calls for it! Thankfully, Brian was able to take the 8th off work, which meant we had a wonderful stay-cation to continue celebrating our marriage.



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