Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 24, 2011

The birthing experience (part 3)

If you’ve been following parts one and two of the birthing story, you know you’ve finally reached the “good part” of the story — Vera’s grand entrance. On April 29, around 6pm, the nurse told me it was finally time to push. We texted our families downstairs in the waiting room, who were eagerly awaiting news, and let them know we were on the home stretch.

Pushing was the part of labor of which I was most looking forward. Each push meant she was closer to being born! Half an hour later, our doctor arrived and the room began to transform for Vera’s birth. There was a flurry of activity letting us know her birth was imminent. I asked for a mirror so I could see the fruit of my pushing, and couldn’t believe it when I saw a dark head of hair appear!

A new kick of adrenalin must’ve taken affect at this point. I asked the doctor if I could possibly get her head out during the next contraction. She said it was possible, so I grunted and pushed as hard as I possibly could.

But it wasn’t just the head that appeared — Vera’s entire body came flying out of the womb all at once! I was exhausted and watched Brian’s exuberant face and I leaned back as caught my breath. The doctor laid her on my chest and gave Brian the scissors to cut the cord.

She was beautiful and slimy. 🙂 She cried and I held her close. After 18 hours at 7:39pm, it was finished! We had a perfectly healthy baby girl. She received a 9 on her Apgar score and would soon pass her hearing test as well.

Praise the Lord for this miracle of life! We feel so honored that He would entrust us with this tiny person to raise and introduce to Him. Wow!


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