Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | April 30, 2011

The Birth and the Truth of the Gospel

After a whirlwind of waiting and then an 18 hour labor process, Bethany brought our little Sunshine into the world last night at 7:39 pm. She weighs in at 5 pounds and 3 ounces, which is better than we were expecting for an IUGR baby. She is perfectly healthy in every way, and has been sleeping soundly for most of her life.

Since you’re all chomping at the bit, I’ll go ahead and tell you the name.

Her name is Vera Evangeline Davis. Vera is pronounced “VER-uh” (rhymes with “Sarah”). Evangeline has a light “e” sound at the beginning: “ih-VAN-jell-ine”.

Vera means “truth”.

Evangeline means “gospel”.

Thus, together her name means “truth of the gospel”. We’re praying that that’s what her life will be about: showing through her word and actions that God has reconciled us to himself through Jesus’ death on the cross. It’s a story she gets to tell. To become part of. And to live out.

We finally got to the hospital Thursday evening at 11 pm. The beds remained full for most of the day (we were supposed to go in at 6 am that morning) which kept us in a limbo of waiting and checking our phones. When we finally got the call we prayed for God’s peace and presence with us along the way. And we felt it from the moment we got up to walk out, walked through the parking lot, got in the car, drove to the hospital and got checked in. The storms of the last few days had finally subsided and peace was literally in the air. That peace stayed with us. 18 hours of labor was hard, but God gave us wisdom and strength and continued to dwell with us. When the early morning hours rolled around, we even got to watch the Royal Wedding.

When the going got tough I was glad to be there for Bethany (and also glad that she was there for me!) Doing birth together really is a bonding experience and I am glad that Wellstar and Kennestone Hospital put family and support as a priority during the entire process. We are thankful for helpful nurses and staff! We are already being reminded how important it will be to make sure we are taking time to be with each other and focus on our marriage now that a child is in the picture. While this is a new challenge, we are excited to be facing it together!

We are so blessed to have an outpouring of friends and family that have prayed for us and visited during this time. Thank you for your continued prayers. We’re brand new at this parenting thing, so we need wisdom as well as sound advice. We’ll be in the hospital until Monday when Bethany and I can take Vera to her new home with us.

Thanks to Bradley for the amazing video and the high quality pic. We’ll have some more pix coming soon (obviously) as we can get them off our cameras and onto the computers. We’re actively working to learn how to be the best possible parents for Vera and to help her learn to feed and poop and do all those important baby things, so give us a little longer and we’ll blow you away with our beautiful baby girl!



  1. I’m gonna chose to assume you named your sweet child after the actress who played Kate on Lost #beautiful

    Glad all are well!

    • Actually did cross my mind… #kateisawesome

  2. Congratulations! The video is priceless and it brought tears to my eyes. I so remember when we walked into the room when our grandson was born in Dec. WOW! Brian, your smile tells it all. You and Bethany will be terrific parents. Bethany, I can not believe you are knitting after your whole day/partial night in labor? Blessings-

    • Thanks! It was such an exciting time. Actually, I think I am eating some crackers in the video – I was so hungry! I don’t know how to knit, but maybe I’ll learn some day!

  3. I love the name! One of my most loved neighbors in Texas was named Vera.
    She and her husband were two of the most Godly
    people that I have ever known.
    Just like Brian and Bethany!!
    Much love,

  4. You have got to love technology. I am glad I was about to keep up with the process on twitter, watch the video on your blog, and read all about it as well. I can feel like a part of it even when I am not there. We will come visit soon! I can only imagine you guys may be the best parents…ever.

    • It is fun to be able to update everyone. Trying to strike a good balance in living the here and now and enjoying our baby and new life while updating and sharing with everyone has been a challenge. But that’s the 21st century for us. I can’t wait to introduce her to Uncle Nate either…I have a feeling she’s gonna be pretty awesome at DDR.

  5. Love you guys! the name is powerful and gorgeous! You two are inspiring. Miss you fully.

    • Miss you too Jon Jon. Come visit. Or maybe we’ll have to bring Vera to CO.

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