Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 9, 2011

Valentine’s Day

We know it’s already March, but are just realizing we never posted about our Valentine’s Day. Last year (see post) Brian did an amazing job planning our day and cooking a gourmet meal. This year it was my turn and I was skeptical that I could top it!

Since Brian had to close at work on Monday, we opted to celebrate on Sunday so we could have more time together. The two days before we’d been visiting friends in Athens – although it was a great trip, we came back a little tired and wanted to stay close to home.

Brian with Sushi Appetizer!

Brian brought a gorgeous bouquet of 2 dozen roses (plus a few other goodies – like chocolate and sparkling juice!).  We had lunch at Sugarcakes on the Square, then came back for a Sunday afternoon nap.

For dinner I picked up some sushi as an appetizer, then we both cooked some Tikka Masala, a pioneer woman recipe. We never tire of that dish!

As always, we loved having a low-key day together. I can’t wait to see what Brian plans for Valentine’s Day 2012!


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