Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 8, 2011

Mohawk or Mullet?

When Brian and I saw our ultrasound for 27 weeks, we were a little surprised. We expected to see our Sunshine a little bigger than before, but weren’t expecting her to already have HAIR on her head!  See that little puff to the left of her face? Yep, that’s hair. 🙂

mohawk or mullet?


As for me, I continue to grow. I find it fascinating that your external measurements should exactly match the week you are on – regardless a woman’s shape or size. Cool!  So this week I hit 30 weeks, meaning I should be 30 centimeters. Lately, my external measurements have been slightly off – 4 centimeters behind on Feb 16 and  2 centimeters behind on March 2. Baby’s stomach growth has also been 2 weeks behind, but we’ll know more next time I have an ultrasound. The 3rd trimester tiredness also seems to hit me a little more each week. We’re coming down the home stretch!

29 weeks!


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