Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 7, 2011

Dinner on the Square

Every quarter, our church StoneBridge hosts “dinner on the square”. They make reservations at a few of the hot spots on the Marietta Square, then let people divide into groups to go eat. It’s a neat way to give revenue to the square, have a chance to interact with those who work around us, and get to know each other better.

Panang Curry served over heat

When we first moved here, it was our goal to eat at every restaurant. We are realizing that might not happen due to finances and the strange hours some keep. One restaurant we’d been eying was Thaicoon. We’d heard about the Tuesday $1/sushi, and now know we definitely want to come back for it!

We tried the shrimp tempura roll, avocado roll, and california rolls. (Due to pregnancy, I’m limited on what sushi I can eat!). For the main dish we shared the Panang Curry with chicken. It turned out to the perfect portion for both of us!

We really enjoyed the company at our table as well. One couple actually used to live in the Brumby just after they were married. 🙂

we love those girl scouts

Then for our free deserts…I got a call from Christina that afternoon letting me know 106.7 was giving away FREE boxes of girl scout cookies on the square. This was an event not to miss! We need our Samoas!

On our way out from Thaicoon, Christina also gave us some cupcakes from Miss Mamie’s– another square fav of ours! The night seemed too wonderful to end, so we stopped at Cool Beans for some coffee, scrabble, and dessert time.

1 and a half Miss Mamie's (I couldn't wait...)

The evening reminded us that we want to enjoy this area as much as we can before our next move. Tired and up past our bedtime, we had a leisurely walk hand-in-hand back to the Brumby. We are filled with thankfulness for our church home, friends, and each other!


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