Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 5, 2011

Truffles & Man time

When things are going well in a marriage, it’s easy spend lots of time alone as a couple, and to plan social things around other couples. We really do value our single friends, too, and value the importance of fellowshipping with our same-sex friends.

So, this year for Brian’s birthday I suggested a ‘guys only’ get-together. Brian picked Marietta Pizza Co. as the location, so while the guys were out having man time, I had some of the wives over for a casual dinner at our loft. We enjoyed seeing friends from all different times in lives come together!

I asked Brian what kind of cake he wanted this year, and he said “cake truffles.” Not the response I expected, but it gave me a chance to try out something new. I tried out this recipe, and they turned out great! I selected chocolate cake dipped in peanut butter chip  and carrot cake dipped in white chocolate. Yum!

friends from Shorter College (er, University)

brandon & laura, phil


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