Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | March 3, 2011

Brian’s Birthday Weekend

Three Bears Cabin

Bethany surprised me again! For my birthday, Bethany planned a weekend getaway to Chattanooga (only a little under two hour drive for us). Our lodging was free. Bethany’s school (Richmont) has a second campus in Chattanooga, and on occasion she’s had to take weekend classes and stay overnight. On the top of Lookout Mountain lives a very sweet and hospitable woman who has years of experience counseling missionaries. She has allowed some Richmont students to stay in her home: Three Bears Cabin, one of the original cabins on top of the mountain, while they are in town. Through Bethany’s planning, we were able to stay with her in a very nice guest room. She even cooked us breakfast (with Aretha Frankenstines‘ pancake mix) and paid for our admission to the nearby Point Park.

We spent our evening in the Bluff View Arts District by the Tennessee River. It’s a lovely place (although there’s an occasional stench from the river) with a statue garden, unique architecture, several artisan style restaurants, and even a bocce ball course (which was already closed for the day, unfortunately). We ate dinner at the Back Inn Cafe and both decided on the New York Strip rubbed with espresso beans and fennel seed. The sun set and the moon began rising with a stark grandeur over the river as we finished the last bite. It was awesome. And that’s not even mentioning the peanut butter pie. Whoa. We stopped into Rembrant’s Coffee house before we took a stroll across the river on the walking bridge.

The next day after we ate our breakfast, we went to Point Park and took a brief look in the museum before we walked around the hillside that overlooks battles from just 150 years ago. There were some great overlooks of the city and the river, and a woodsy / rocky trail that precariously led down to the side of the mountain. The network connects to trails with dozens of miles, but we stuck to the simple trail (Bethany was 26 weeks at this point). Before we left town, we went to eat pizza on the North shore and rode the Historic Carousel at Coolidge Park.

All in all, it was a relaxing and quite refreshing way to celebrate my birthday. Bethany’s learned exactly what I need and what will be enjoyable for me, and she planned a wonderful surprise. This is why I love my wife. Not because she plans awesome trips, saves us money, or offers to drive on the way there. Those things are awesome, but it’s not the point. She meets me where I am and speaks love into me in the way I need it at the moment. That’s what she did this weekend. And that’s what she does everyday.


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