Posted by: Bethany Davis | March 1, 2011

Sprouting Sprouts!

The Sprout Sprouter

Although I didn’t make an official New Year’s resolution, I did make a list of projects I wanted to accomplish in 2011.

One of the first things on my list was sprouting sprouts at home. Occasionally I’d buy some broccoli or alfalfa sprouts at the store, and was always impressed by their nutritional value.

The first step was finding the seeds. Before I felt confident enough to buy in bulk, I wanted a smaller packet to start with. Finally after asking several different employees, I found some in the seed/gardening section at Whole Foods.

It took about 4 days total to complete the process of growing them. But, the result is amazing and fresh!

First, I disinfected the seeds with some bleach water.

tiny seeds getting disinfected

Then, washed them and placed in a 1-qt jar (formerly a spaghetti jar, I think!). Using a rubber band and piece of old nylon hose, I strained any water out. We placed the jar upside down (so water could drain) in another bowl.

After two days of rinsing 2x/day, we saw this!

beginning to sprout


We let the sprouts grow for two more days, then decided it was time to harvest. For Sunday lunch we had delicious salads!

Although it took a few days, I think by buying in bulk I can save money and enjoy fresher sprouts. I’d definitely do it again! It’s amazing to watch these tiny seeds grow into a massive pile of sprouts.

the final product!




  1. I love sprouts!

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