Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 27, 2011

Who Dunnit?

Brian and I were excited to host a Murder Mystery Dinner for a few of our friends. We went all out on a full dinner menu and costumes. The scene was a California Winery, where a the owner had been murdered. We were all suspects — even Brian and I unsure of the game’s outcome!

The parts seemed to fit our guests well, and the costumes a great touch! Brian played a the part of “Otto”, a young German merchant (see the lederhosen?), and I the part of a mysterious and wealthy hippie.

It was great to utilize our ‘expedit‘ as a drink and appetizer bar. I tried out two new cheese ball recipes, made an avecado salad, cornish game hens with herbed orzo, vinaigrette carrots and snap peas, and individual tiramisu for dessert. Yum!

We’ll definitely have to host another one of these in the future!



  1. We did one of these years ago, I think it was called Bullets ‘n’ Barbecue. It was SO much fun! I have another sitting on top of one of my bookcases but haven’t planned it yet – but I want to!

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