Posted by: Bethany Davis | February 1, 2011

A Pregnancy Perk

my new parking space

I’ve had many new experiences in pregnancy thus far – some not so pleasant. (like the recent calf cramps that wake me up in the night!) But there are some positive things, too… Like getting the front parking spot at Kroger designated for “new and expectant moms.” Despite the fact this is probably the time when I could use the short walk most, it’s a treat getting to pull into this prime spot!

Brian and I have been following our baby’s growth by the fruit or vegetable that it compares to in size. She’s grown from a blueberry to this week’s veggie — an eggplant! We couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures (and getting a few odd stares in Kroger). 🙂

Does that really fit in there?

So, wanna know my latest craving? Little Debbie ho-hos. I’d been craving them for about a week, and finally gave in on Saturday. Yum!

Sunday Brian and I started a registry at Target (which is still under construction!). We had a little deja vu since it hasn’t been too long since we created a registry for our wedding. But playing with the scanner gun was just as fun as it was 2 years ago!

Walking up and down the aisles we were reminded of how much we still have to learn about caring for a newborn. Another customer helped us out in baby monitor section, but we could really use your advice and suggestions on products!

We’ve heard about the diaper champ, boppy, and bumbo (all things that weren’t around when I was babysitting in my teens!)… but still have much to learn. Please share any suggestions you have with us!

fun with the Target scanner gun!

The Cobb County Freecycle yahoo group has been wonderful in helping us collect needed items. Not to mention friends who have gifted me with maternity clothes and supplies. Or the call I got from one saying, “There’s a jenny lind crib leaning against a light post in the Kroger parking lot.  Come quickly and pick it up!” And I did!

Here’s some of the items we’ve collected without paying a dime: crib, changing table, swing, car seat, jogging stroller, portable cradle, some bouncy-thing-I-don’t-know-the-name-of, clothes, bibs, etc… thank the Lord for His provision!



  1. I am having WAY to much fun keeping up with all your baby adventures. I love it! Can’t wait to meet this girl. Oh, and Bethany, you’re still so gorgeous and have such a cute baby bump!

  2. Hi Bethany! I’m Kelsey Faulkner’s sister and she told me of your pregnancy! Congratulations! I, too, am also pregnant (30 weeks today).

    When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we also felt at a loss as to what kind of baby products to buy. I mean, there are only a FEW selections of each item, right? Ha! There is a book called, “Baby Bargains” that was a great guide for us. It gives so much information, pros and cons, and great reviews.

    While I’m plugging books, I should also tell you about “Baby 411” & “Toddler 411.” Written by doctors, those books were very helpful and practical. They provided us with a wealth of information about caring for a baby (health, sleep, nutrition, you name it…).

    May God continue to bless you as prepare for the great ride ahead!

    May God continue to bless

  3. Thanks, Ashley, for the tips! I will check out those two books. they sound invaluable! congrats on your pregnancy, too! I appreciate you passing on the resources.

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