Posted by: Bethany Davis | January 30, 2011

My baby bump

23 weeks!

One of the reasons we started our blog was to keep up with friends far and near. Hopefully we’ve been accomplishing that goal! Some of you (the far away ones!) have been wondering what pregnancy looks like on me. Well, to my surprise, not too much different than my appearance when I wasn’t pregnant!

I’m just getting to the stage where people are starting to feel comfortable approaching me asking about my ‘baby bump’. Above is a picture Brian snapped of me at 23 weeks (I’m now at 25). I know this is just the beginning of my tummy poking out!

I’ve been skimming some fun blogs for nursery ideas. Not knowing where we’re going to be post-August (when we likely leave our Brumby loft) makes it difficult to picture our location. But, I’m inspired by what others are designing! Here’s two of my favorites thus far: Buy Modern Baby and Ohdeedoh.

Brian and I are looking forward to week 30 — our BABYMOON! We just booked a little getaway trip for the two of us. More to come in March on that!



  1. This made me think of you: the yellow and the B & B to boot:)

  2. aw! how fun! i love the little clouds in the background and the birdcage. looks like a fun international version of etsy – i like!

  3. You know, I LOVE your Baby Bump!!! And your necklace looks so nice too! : )

  4. Hi there, I am a Christian too and will be moving into Brumby lofts in Marietta for a short 6 month lease. I’ve seen lots of positive feedback about it but the negative comments, though few, are venomous and really paint the Brumby in a negative light. Lots of noise and poop are allegedly the main complaints….is that what you guys experienced? Also, which building did you stay in?

    Thanks & God bless

    • Hi, Nicole! That’s neat you are moving here for a bit. Let us know when you get here — we’d love to welcome you! Overall, we can say very positive things about the brumby. It’s unique, artsy, laid back, and has so much character. But, it’s the character of the place that sometimes makes it difficult. We live in the B building and our walls are very thin. We can hear when our neighbor uses his microwave, to give you an idea. Right now we have awesome, quiet neighbors. (We weren’t as fortunate with our first neighbor and almost moved out b/c of the noise) There was a short period where the dog poop got out of hand – people weren’t using the designated pet areas and it was gross. It seems to be under control now (thankfully!). For someone who is type A and doesn’t like dust or cracks in the bricks, Brumby is probably not the best choice. But, we love it – hope you will, too!

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