Posted by: Bethany Davis | January 13, 2011

Snow day #5

Bethany's win (yes, the cash on the right was shamelessly staged)

Snow day number FIVE occurs tomorrow.

This means I, Bethany, have not been out of the apartment complex since Sunday afternoon. While it would be nice to have a change of scenery, I’ve had no problem entertaining myself with cleaning, cooking, and homework. Brian did kindly offer to drive me around tonight to get some fresh air. 🙂

Monopoly update: we had our rematch on Tuesday night, where I came away with the victory. That’s one win for each of us. I think we need a tie-breaker match, what do you think?

the beard

There have been some doubts that Brian was able to grow a beard from Saturday to Wednesday morning. I have a picture to show the facial hair progress — although it kind of looks like a creepy mug shot.

Brian’s CFA store did open on Wednesday, after being closed for a couple of days. Brian says there is still lots of ice on Peachtree and the traffic lanes open are limited. We found a neat video of someone ice skating down the street, something I never thought I’d see in Hotlanta!



  1. That’s more beard than I could ever grow. Now the question is, will it keep growing?

    • It would have if it wasn’t for CFA’s no facial hair policy!

      • Hmmmmm we may need to change that. Certainly managers can have facial hair if they wear a beardnet.

  2. At least, one of my managers had an exemplary mustache.

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