Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | January 11, 2011


Since the snow/ice rolled in, my Chick-fil-A store has been closed for the past two days.  Bethany has also been home since her internship has been closed and her school has also been closed.  Closed, closed, closed.  Just like our apartment door was all day yesterday.  Closed and locked.  All day.

Last night we played a game of Monopoly.  We both figured out we have stories of playing Monopoly when bad weather hits.  We played the whole way through.  You can see my hotel dynasty on the orange spots (St. James, Tennessee, New York) which are what helped me when the game.  We’re having a rematch tonight.

We got a lot of things done we’ve been meaning to work on as well–including backing up both of our computers (thank God the power has stayed on), laundry, homework, some deep cleaning, and some personal development stuff I usually don’t have much time for.  It’s nice to catch some time to work on these things while resting and having fun. We’ve also been doing a whole lot of cooking.  Three meals a day together several days in a row makes the dishwasher fill up faster and gives the freezer back some holding capacity, but it is a whole lot of fun.

Today we finally ventured out of the apartment to check the mail, take the trash out, breathe in some of the air from outside, and make sure we could still walk.  It’s questionable after seeing that video, huh?

Now for some of our favorite things we have seen from twitter and facebook regarding the snow:

Phil Z: “To all of you whom I mocked in my head for frantically buying a weeks supply of groceries on Sunday night, my sincerest apologies. Except for you people who bought power generators…I still mock you from within.”

My Dad’s Blog: You just have to take a look.

Brad McD: “Target is out of bananas.  Some one will pay”

Justin J: “Road trip to Publix… May god be with us”

Brandon A: “The only thing open in Marietta” (see picture)

Jonathan H: (quoting Alicia Stark) “this is just the beginning of what the mayans were talking about and it’s only 2011…” bahahaha. #snowpocalypse2011

Adam and Rachel West: “SNOWMAGGEDON 2011”


Everyone enjoy the break from routine the snow has brought.  Do something productive. Get a project done you’ve been putting off.  Most of all, rest and be safe.



  1. What a fun video! Now your place looks like a fairly normal winter day (from December to March) around here. Hope you’re enjoying it!

  2. Video looks great. Did you use the new camera?

    • actually, we tried out my iphone camera this time!

  3. More vids! That audio is really good, I was surprised.
    I want to take cool shots of your apartment and do maternity pics and all that jazz. Such a cute couple.

  4. Last night I pulled into a hole covered by snow ( Tricksy!) and was stuck for two hours trying to get it out. Negative 6 outside.

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