Posted by: Bethany Davis | January 5, 2011

My husband loves me.

Brian and pregnancy basket

I knew if before, but he’s found new ways to show me his love since I got pregnant. Here’s just a few things that came to mind…

1. Brian intentionally didn’t park in the open parking spot by the stairs at our apartment. Why? He knew I was also on my way home and was hoping I’d be able to snag the spot. I did. 🙂

2. When my morning sickness was particularly difficult, Brian did some research and put together a Pregnancy Basket to help me with me nausea and mood swings (what else is chocolate for?!). I especially recommend ginger tea and Whole Food’s organic ginger candies.

3. On top of Brian’s two jobs, he cooked, cleaning, did laundry, and took care of me for a couple months this fall when I was out of commission and bogged down with school and internship.

4. On his way home from work, Brian agreed to pick up some food to satisfy my cravings — Crazy Bread from Little Caeser’s. YUM!

My womb and I. Or, should I say "my first picture with baby."

5. Brian has been to every single one of my prenatal appointments. There’s been at least one per month. Monday was a unique appointment — we met with a specialist who was investigating an echogenic focus in the heart. There was a possibility it could point to Down syndrome, a reality with the Lord’s help we were ready to accept. As the tec was completing the ultrasound and explaining what she could find, I was able to say with confidence, “We’ll love it either way.” I am so thankful I had Brian by my side through this appointment, even when we found out the baby was completely healthy and normal. Praise God!

I’m so thankful for my loving husband. Brian, I love you, too.



  1. He is sweet… I love him to for you… I’m so thankful everything is good and he is taking care of you… Move to Texas and I’ll take care of you when he can’t. lol… Love Ya!!!!

  2. Good job, Brian! I’m impressed.

    B & B, your apartment looks very “gezellig,” as the Dutch say!

    – Jan

  3. Hey B & B!

    We just heard the great news! We’re thrilled for you. May God’s hand of blessing be upon you and your little girl.



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