Posted by: Bethany Davis | January 3, 2011

The New Year loft reDesign

Saturday was a day of whims. It went something like this…

“How about pancakes for brunch?”
“Let’s take down the Christmas decorations.”
“Maybe we could rearrange the place today.”
“I wonder how crowded IKEA would be?”
“EXIT! now! Caribou coffee!”
“What do you mean the ‘expedit’ won’t fit in your car?”
“Wow, this apartment got a face lift.”

I think one of the only things we had pre-planned was the creamy tomato tilapia we had for dinner at 9 pm (which is a recipe I would recommend if you are interested). We were exhausted by the day’s end, but so thrilled with the result.

The right corner of our place had been an eye sore for a while, but we hadn’t found a solution until now. I searched for a picture to show you of the “before” landscape, but I think I subconsciously avoiding photographing it! I found a pre-move in “before” and a quick snapshot of my stained glass table with plants on top (behind the dinner table).

We choose an Expedit from IKEA to store all my crafting supplies that had accumulated on the floor. Thankfully, IKEA was the emptiest I’ve ever seen it and we were able to fly through the maze. (And yes, we were able to fit the box in Brian’s car if I sat in the back.)

We redirected the coffee table and moved the dining table closer to the middle of the room. For now, the stained glass table and side table have been removed. The finished result? A lot more breathing room and living space that feels more livable. (just ignore that finger in the top left of the photo… whose could that be?)

It’s amazing what a little creativity and teamwork can accomplish. Some of my thoughts before falling asleep that night included being thankful that Brian and I are able to work well together and accomplish tasks. For some, redesigning or organizing could a chore, but it seems that anything we do together turns out to be a joyful adventure.

As I think ahead to post-grad school and post-baby deliver, our loft once again feels like a place I want to ‘hang out’ in. It’s a space we’ve made together, which brings a smile to my face!


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