Posted by: brianandbethany | December 31, 2010

Girl or Boy? … drumroll, please

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the gender of our baby — and know for certain that they are correct. Whether its by looking at the shape of my face, how I’m showing (or not showing!), the frequency of my morning sickness — I’ve heard it all. Brian and I even checked the chinese calendar, which supposedly is 90% accurate. It said we were having a boy. The lady who did my nails before Elizabeth’s wedding told me it was a boy and would come out of the womb very hairy. What concinved her of this, I don’t know…

[Speaking of strangers and pregnancy, I’m still waiting for the moment when a complete stranger touches my belly. Friends and family, yes — strangers, no.]

After our appointment in early December, we scheduled our monumentous, gender-revealing ultrasound for January 5. We thought finding out before Christmas wasn’t an option, until Brian’s cousin Tara (who works at the OBGYN) worked some magic and secured an appointment on Dec. 21st. Brian and I decided to keep the date change a secret, and announce the gender as a Christmas present to our families.

We bought some tiny booties in the color that matched the gender, wrapped them up in a Christmas box and put them under the tree. Both families were thrilled to find out, and celebrations included cheering, screaming, and jumping up and down. Yay!

So what did we find out? It’s a GIRL!

The ultrasound very clearly showed us that we’d be having a daughter. We looked at the monitor, looked at each other, and felt our hearts race. Us becoming parents was the more real, now that we could picture a little baby girl in our arms.


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