Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | December 12, 2010

Gingerbread Village

Bethany and I spent yesterday morning working on what may well be a new tradition for us: Gingerbread Houses!  Bethany found a kit for $3 that wasn’t just a house, but an entire Gingerbread Village.

At first when we opened the box I was intimidated by all the packaging and the directions.  There were panels of gingerbread, white icing mix, red icing mix, bags with tips for decorating, and several little candy pieces.  WIth all this, how would we ever make our houses look like the ones in the picture?  Then I realized something–we didn’t have to make picture perfect gingerbread homes, just ones that were fun and would let us have a good time.  Bethany even pointed out in the decorating process: “I’m glad we’re not perfectionists or this would be no fun.”

We wound up having a great time.  Once the houses were together and the icing had ‘glued’ them together, the village was our playground.  Our confection creation.  We cut the gumdrops to create wreaths and bushes, used icing to make icicles and latticework, and placed candies in appropriate places to become doorknobs, shutters, bushes and…well, gumdrops that sit on top of houses.

The whole thing took about two and half hours, but we had some great Christmas music going in the background (and we we were sneaking some of the gumdrops along the way!)  While it may seem random, I’m finding the more things I do that A) use my hands, B) take my total attention, and C) provide a finished product, these things give me a sense of satisfaction that few other things do.

We feel a little more in the Christmas spirit after our adventure.  Who knows, maybe next year we’ll go all out and enter into the Grove Park Inn’s Gingerbread Competition, or maybe something like one of these. Until then, we’ll enjoy the scenery!



  1. i had that same kit with my boyfriend and ours looked like poo!! we spent abotu 2 hours on one little house and it looked delightfully messy at the end. 🙂

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