Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | October 16, 2010

The Inaugural Tandem Ride

Last week, we took our first official ‘ride’ on our Columbia Twosome Tandem bicycle:

After at least fifteen hours (of laboring to disassemble, polish, and wax), as well as over a $100 (much traveling to Home Depot and Walmart to  purchase nuts, bolts, new tubes and tires, seat covers, handlebar grips), we finish our bike project.  The thing looks 200% better now that we’re done with it, but still not perfect.

It still has character.

We take a wrench and a screwdriver with us in our cute basket.  You never know when something may go awry.  We wheel the awkwardly long bike out from our apartment hallway and carry it down three flights of stairs until we’re ready to depart to our destination for the day: the Marietta Square.  Not a far destination from our apartment–perhaps a 10 minute walk–but just far enough to where we can get a good feel for the bike.  And walk it back if it falls into a thousand pieces.

After struggling to get our rhythm down in the Brumby parking lot, we make our way across the pedestrian bridge over the Marietta loop and cut through First Presbyterian’s parking lot.  They’re working on the steeple and a man with a welder almost burns himself turning to look at the sight of us.  And then it hits me: We look like a circus act. Church street is sparsely inhabited at 10:50 AM on a Tuesday morning, so we make our way along the sidewalk for most of the ride.  I almost make Bethany run into a telephone pole at one point, forgetting just how long we are.

When we arrive at the square, we get more stares and comments.  A girl sitting at a table in front of Shillings is more kind: “Aw, that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”  And we are cute.  Me, my wife, our tandem bicycle with the woven basket.  Cute.  But I realize that it’s more than cuteness that binds us together, that allows us to ride the tandem bicycle that is marriage.  It takes constant communication back and forth.  Who’s going to be steering?  When do we brake?  What foot are we starting with or putting down when we stop?  It takes trust in each other, matching motions, and the ability to stay on your seat even when you feel like you need to push really hard.  It’s teamwork, trust, communication, and togetherness.  These are the things that make a real relationship past the veneer of a cute get-up or expensive bike gear.  These are what make real love.

We stop and get a table outside Sugar Cakes.  We both order the trio–a 1/2 soup, 1/2 salad, 1/2 sandwich–and enjoy a perfect lunch on an early fall day.  Our life is amazing.  Not perfect, but amazing because we’re together.  And we remind each other of that everyday.



  1. Hi , Brian and Bethany,

    You are sooooo cute on your bycicle built for
    two. Take care, Love ya,

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