Posted by: Bethany Davis | October 8, 2010

mini-vacation to Dahlonega

therapeutic views on our hike

Last weekend I had the honor of planning a one-night out-of-town trip for Brian and I. Although we love the north georgia mountains, neither of us that been to the town of Dahlonega. I’m convinced we found the cheapest and most amazing place to stay: The Hiker Hostel.

The cabin, nestled not too far from the start of the Appalachian Trail, houses hikers and site seers and provides a breakfast. We love the vision of owners, Josh and Leigh! We had a quiet, private room and really enjoyed the other guests and owners over breakfast. We drank our warm mugs of coffee in rocking chairs on the front porch and took a little walk to see the chickens on the property. What a great morning!

Friday night we went to the planetarium on the North Georgia College and State Campus. Every Friday night at 8pm while school is in session they offer free shows to the public. It was a popular place to be, and a fantastic show about the moon! And, the (real) stars in Dahlonega were breathtaking.

although not the official start of the AT, our trail connects to the start of the AT

Saturday we did some hiking at Amicolola Falls, went to the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed the downtown area. We hiked up the top and had a mini picnic with a great view of the falls. The over 500 steps going down did a number on our knees though! Guess we are gettin’ older… 🙂

Downtown was quaint. We recommend Piazza, a fabulous Italian place for dinner. Like Olive Garden, but better! We got some homegrown okra (per Brian’s Southern taste!) at the market, and a pimento cheese sandwich and ice cream at Connie’s. Yum!

at the top of the Falls

Most of all, it was great to have a change of scenery for the weekend and enjoy nature is near-perfect weather. We love being together and having new adventures!


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