Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 18, 2010

soccer victory

Soccer has been apart of my life for almost 23 years — my first team was the Jets at age 4. But, my current indoor soccer team is unique. It’s the first time Brian has ever played soccer with me, and the first time he’s ever played at all! I’m thrilled he was willing to try something new and be apart of something so special to me. 🙂

Since Brian and I pulled the team together, it’s been neat to see friends from different parts of our life come together. Friends from school, our former Brumby neighbor, friends from college, and friends of friends. Good times!

Our record has been pretty bad thus far, but we’ve definitely had a lot of fun as a team. Finally, last week we had our first win — 11 to 1. woo hoo! What better way to celebrate than go to Marietta Pizza Company with the team? yum.



  1. Super cool! And MPC is the best idea frankly. Kind of like the running club I started here at King’s – it’s coming slowly but good. We have our first real competition next weekend!

  2. glad to hear you’ve gotten a running club together – good luck this weekend!

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