Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 15, 2010

Enjoying the Square

We love our life.

We are enthralled with each other, and feel so blessed to live in such a unique area. The artistic and creative culture of Marietta Square is inspiring! It even shows up into the food…

Check out our delicious half a dozen cupcakes from Miss Mamie’s on the Square. We had a Groupon to use, so why not use it on our 460th day of marriage?

The cupcakes were so tasty, rich, and beautifully adorned. We tried mint chocolate, lemon, margarita, cookie dough, Reese’s, and Guiness. Our favorite? The Guiness — incredibly! It’s a must try!

The Square was alive last Saturday during the Market. Brian bought me some lovely single stem flowers and we treated ourselves to a King of Pops popsicle.

Steven started his company after a trip to south america when he fell in love with the street-sold popsicles. Sounds like  the guy has a “why not” attitude, and decided to try it out on the streets on Atlanta.

They aren’t just any popsicles — they are homemade and you won’t find the flavors anywhere else. We shared a orange basil — complete with a few whole leafs at the bottom! Awesome!

We love all the Square has to offer!



  1. Mmm those cupcakes look like the massive ones they sell here in the city…but I don’t thin we have a Guinness one…yet 😉

  2. my favorite nyc cupcake place is billy’s bakery in chelsea. yum!

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