Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 14, 2010

discovering lemongrass

Jack Fruit @ cobb international market

Sarah and Will introduced us to the Cobb County International Farmer’s Market. What a place! Fruits I’ve never heard of, the sound of fish being scaled, whole lambs on a spit… wow.

As soon as we walked in the down, I spotted a pile of jack fruits, which reminded me of my family’s trip to Jamaica. You wouldn’t believe how heavy the fruit is!

I was delighted to find some fresh lemongrass. I’ve had some recipes that called for it before, but not had a clue where to get it. For .75 cents, I said, “why not?”

homemade lemongrass & mint tea

Lemon grass is incredibly aromatic and has some wonderful health benefits, too. It helps you detox, and cut down uric acid, cholesterol, and excess fats. It stimulates blood circulation and digestion, and is a great tonic for our skin.

So, I decided to make some lemongrass and mint tea today. (We have a nice pot of fresh mint growing in our windowsill.) It was delicious! No honey or sweeteners needed.

I’m going to attempt to plant one of the bulbs in a pot inside our apartment. One website made me feel hopeful! It would be neat to have an endless of supply of homemade tea!


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