Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 12, 2010

Friday night – “Meat-i-er Shower”

We had a great Friday night together. We didn’t go out on the town, have friends over, or cook an elegant meal. Instead, we made meatball subs and watched the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. What a great pairing!

Not knowing what to expect from the movie (the lego movie previews got us a little worried), we were pleasantly surprised by this lighthearted cartoon. It has a quirky sense of humor and round characters (and literally, the mayor grows rounder and rounder as the plot thickens!).

WARNING: We also recommend watching the movie AFTER you eat, as we can’t weren’t too sure if we wanted our dessert when it was over! ha!



  1. STEVE!!!

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