Posted by: Bethany Davis | September 10, 2010

Labor Day 10K

post-race celebration!

We spent the early hours of our Labor Day running 6.2 miles. It was Brian’s first 10K, and our first one together. Well, by together, I mean we started at the same time… Brian did awesome and finished over 10 minutes before me! The first thousand people (out of 11,000) received metals — Brian included!

We are hoping our next race will be a 1/2 marathon in March!



  1. So, they have a 13 mile half marathon up pikes peak called “the ascent” and then a marathon up and down it the next day EVERY year. Well, I went up and down it at a 13 hour pace with my roommate and got altitude sickness… It’s intense to think people ascend to 14,000, then descend in a matter of hours. Well, there are these freaks called doublers…people who run both races back to back. Matt Carpenter–who won the marathon at 3:51, also won the ascent the day before, and has won both for five years straight! That’s not all, I was listening to the people who were crossing the finish line–down the street from my house–and an 85 year old guy was a doubler! He did both! Sheesh…

  2. thats what makes me run faster – seeing people who are much older or younger than me doing awesome in the race, and even passing me! I hope I’m in that great of shape when I’m 85!

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