Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 29, 2010

building traditions into our family

Brian and I have begun to establish traditions of our own. Some might be seasonal, other lasting into our next life stage or geographical move. But, they remind us of our sense of identity as a couple, and provide a solid pillar in the midst of busy weeks.

In addition, I’m thinking of several weekly or daily events that we value, but hesitate to categorizes as traditions. For example, our 4:45 am breakfast each morning together and nightly dinners. Other families may have to work harder to make this a daily occurrence, but thankfully it’s more a natural rhythm that we’ve fallen into.

So what do we consider “traditions?” Alternating planning date night for each other, as we’ve mentioned before, is a key way we weekly show our love and enjoy each other’s company. A few months ago we established Thursday night as “Pizza Night.” Before I leave for class in the morning, I make some homemade dough and leave it to rise. When Brian comes in from work, he kneads the dough, assembles, and cooks the pizza. When I return from meeting with clients that night, we sit down to a collaborative and delicious meal. Our flavors have included: Butternut Squash and Walnuts, Pear and Caramelized Bacon, sloppy joe, bbq, and a variety of veggie kinds. yum!


Our latest tradition is walking to the Square on Saturday morning. About 8:30 am we arrive at Sugarcakes Patisserie and sit outside watching the Farmer’s Market vendors set up. Sugarcakes has some incredible French pastries and coffee strong enough to wake us up. In fact, the whole experience takes me back to the six weeks I spent in France when I was 20.

Marietta Farmer's Market

After a leisurely breakfast, we stroll around the market, picking up a few vegetables for the week.

Without fail, I leave ready to get a dog. Ah, the sweet golden retrievers… and the greyhound adoption booth… and the little poodles that have an uncanny resemblance to their owners… they get me every time!

Looking for a few tips on where to shop? Well, the Georgia peaches are delicious, you can’t pass up the $1 lemon and limeade stand, and 50 cent sunflowers.

All in all, our time spent together on Saturday mornings is something I look forward to. It’s intentional time spent together that makes every weekend feel like a vacation.

waking up slowly

Crème Brûlée French Toast!


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