Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 25, 2010

Salvador Dali @ the High Museum

August 1st we had the pleasure of attending a member’s only preview of dali’s late work at the High in midtown. With over 40 pieces, we got a pretty good look (and chuckle) at some of his work. Entering into the exhibit a sign reads…

“Why do you wear a mustache?”

“In order to pass unobserved.” – Dali

And, surprisingly, it worked. It seems the public knows the Dali-mustache-persona better than Dali – the person.

There are ridiculous photos of him hanging from a helicopter only by a mustache. And, our favorite, Dali jumping in the air with popcorn, baguettes, and rolls. I’m wondering how many shots that took to get perfect! (see below!)

After the exhibit we walked across Piedmont Park to a French restaurant, Amuse, that we had purchased a Groupon for. It was a quirky yet artsy place that matched the pieces we had been viewing at the High.

The weather was gorgeous walking through the park, but on the way back, we got stuck in a downpour! We started to run, but realized it was useless. We still had blocks to go. By the time we reached the parking garage, we were completely drenched — but, as we rung out our clothes, we were laughing too much to care!

outside of the High Museum


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