Posted by: Bethany Davis | August 22, 2010

our initials in unlikely places

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 2-week summer vacation. My college roommate has visited, I’ve traveled to Boone, NC, to meet 6 other girls to celebrate Elizabeth’s upcoming wedding, Brian and I relaxed at his grandparent’s lake house in Blue Ridge, GA, and I’ve gotten to catch up with a few friends in the Atlanta area. Thankfully, this weekend has felt like a in-town vacation for both of us. More post to come, but here’s one some pictures that made us chuckle…

So I’m not the only one who has “BLD” for my initials…

We were on our way to Marietta Square yesterday morning for the Farmer’s Market and some breakfast at Sugar Cakes, when we saw this dumpster. Of all things my initials could stand for, why not a boutique or cute bakery or something? ha!

Then there is this truck…


Which apparently we both own! I didn’t know our joint signature, B&B, could also refer to a plumbing company.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled to see what/ where we end up next! 🙂



  1. I can sympathize:

    There is a trash company here in NYC called “Tiffany” with my name plastered on the side of those ugly rusty trucks…lol

    I feel vindicated though:

    is also here in the city 🙂

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