Posted by: Brian Andrew Davis | July 27, 2010

Our First Anniversary

After a much too-long hiatus, we are bringing our blog back!  Let’s fill in the gaps with what you missed before we pick back up with the present day…

Rewind to our last post.  We talked about going to a fantastic Colombian restaurant to celebrate our first anniversary.  Well, for dinner that evening we went to another fantastic ethnic venue.  A Saturday night dinner at Le Cafe Crepe, a wonderful but tucked away French creperie off the Marietta square, is by reservation only–a gourmet fixed rate that includes four courses and a dessert. Our menu was as follows:

* Gratin de Poireaux au Jambon (Leek & Ham Roll au Gratin)
* Seasonal salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing
* Le Filet de Poisson Saute au beurre et citron Vert (Fish Fillet sautéed in butter and lime)
*La Coupe de Fraises au Grand Marnier (Strawberry Grand Marnier, pictured with Bethany on the right)

Over the course of two-and-a-half hours we enjoyed this delicious lineup. The evening was full of great conversation that was both reflective of our first year together as well as forward-thinking and dreaming about life.  Although the price tag was high for a nice meal like this, the food was exquisite and the mood was also quaint.  I would highly recommend this restaurant as well as their Saturday evening time slot.  Check the website for the menu, updated monthly with a different menu for each Saturday.

Grilling the peaches...

Bethany also cooked a delicious meal on the actual day of our anniversary, which included grilled peaches layered with mozzarella on a salad, burgandy mushrooms with steak, and the best banana pudding I’ve ever had (also made with lite ingredients)! We also ate our wedding cake topper, which had been tucked in our tiny freezer for…a year!  Thankfully, our loving families took the time to wrap it well in several layers of plastic wrap.  We also took the time to thaw it in the refigerator for a day before we brought it out.  This helps prevent shocking it back into thawed state.  We ate on it for three days until it was finally no more.  We were grateful for the cake; we were equally grateful for getting half our freezer back.

Besides the food, we gave each other some great gifts that included a memory book of our first year (printed with iPhoto iBooks tool), a tea infuser from Teavana, and a handkerchief made by Bethany for me that has “Let’s Do this Together” stitched on the front.  This is the first line of the song I wrote for Bethany when I proposed.  She gave me a handkerchief on the day we were married that includes the last line of the song (which is also the song title).  I really like this gift because it stands for so much of what we are about…marriage is about living life together, functioning as a team, and intentionally making each other the priority.  Love is about sacrificing for someone else’s good, but the sacrifice becomes so sweet when you know the greater good benefits the both of you. 

I think this is a lesson we have learned and are practicing in an active way…it’s something that we truly hope we live out for the rest of our lives.  I can’t say we have arrived.  In fact, I think we are both realizing that there are deeper and deeper levels you can take this too and we are starting to dive into those together.  But we are continuing to make ‘Togetherness’ a focal point of our marriage.  That’s why Bethany wakes up at 4:30 am with me to make a bowl of yogurt and fiber one and a french press full of coffee every morning.  That’s why I make helping her cook and doing the dishes every night a priority.  That’s why we don’t turn on our television unless we are sitting down to watch a movie together.  Doing life together takes intentionality, structure, planning, and sacrifice, but it makes life so much richer in the everyday.

Yes. It was still awesome.

We’re so glad we have been able to share a year getting to know each other in a matrimonial way, and so grateful that we get to spend the rest of our lives sharing life and working together.

Thanks for being a part of our lives!

PS. We promise we’ll update more often.



  1. What an amazing meal! And I use Teavana’s infuser too :). Congrats both!

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