Posted by: Bethany Davis | June 5, 2010

Decatur Arts Festival


When rain threatened our Memorial Day camping plans with Richmont friends Neal and Michelle, we opted instead for the Decatur Arts Festival. We still got a little wet, but the showers were quick and gave us an excuse to duck inside the Yogurt Tap for a snack (a place we’ve been wanting to visit).

We had a little trouble getting to Decatur, due to our inexperience on Marta… we apparently took the wrong train, although it was headed in the right direction, and had to have the driver take us back to the last station.


Michelle and I blamed the adventure on the guys’ color-blindness and not recognizing the green from the blue train!

The festival offered quite the range of arts and crafts. Most prominent was Pete the Cat, who hails from Savannah, and has become quite the fad. On the absurd side was a clay rendition of Michael Jackson as a bunny, and the puppet makers — who will make a puppet to your liking if you give them a photograph of yourself. We passed on both of those…

Neal + Michelle

pile o' grease

At the festival I also spotted the biggest helping of potato chips I’ve ever seen. I don’t even want to guess the fat and caloric intake you’d ingest with this (or how sick you’d feel afterward). Nonetheless, we saw a few brave souls devouring a plate of grease.

I did run into a harpist from California, Lisa, who had a harp that looked almost identical to my own. Turns out we both have Tripletts, which is a 34-string, 4 1/2 octave Celtic harp made only in California. Unfortunately, the rain kept us from hearing her perform.

Lisa with her Triplett

We ended our time with some dinner at Mac McGee’s, an Irish Pub. Both couples split a Dublin Burger with Cashel Blue Cheese and House-made Rasher. If you are like us, we didn’t know what either of those were, or how to properly pronounce our side item, quinoa (ˈkēn-ˌwä). The combination made for a delicious dinner and authentic Irish atmosphere.

As for camping, we rescheduled for July 4-5. Should make for another great holiday weekend!


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