Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 29, 2010

My Mom

congrats, Emma!

Any creativity and craftiness I have I attribute to my genes and mom. Growing up we made a new craft every day and I was encouraged to try new things. My paintings and crafts were hung on the walls and refrigerator (and some still are!). This validation from a young age fostered a love to make things and cook.

When Brian and I visited the family for Emma’s graduation, we were amazed at the intricate decorations on these graduation cupcakes…

mom with her masterpiece


The graduation cap is made of an upside down mini Reese’s Cup with an After Eight Mint stacked on top. “WCA” stands for the high school both Emma, Lauren, and I attended, Wake Christian Academy. I’m so glad we could be in NC for this momentous event! [More to come on that!]



  1. You sure know how to melt your Mom’s heart with this post! I always love making and creating things for and with you and your sisters! And I think the Lord has given you talents that far surpass mine in creativity!

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