Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 28, 2010

Morning Times with Brad

We love our impact students and always will. Fiercely.

We had the chance to catch up with Brad, an alum from our first year,  before his exam on Wednesday.  I enjoyed hearing what Brad’s learning and contrasting some of themes with my graduate school education.

When you consider the body of Christ, it mirrors (or should be mirrored) in the context of the family and greater community.

In order to belong, you must yield part of your individualism. This  yielding results in buy-in and belonging to the greater part (body of Christ and family!). It’s neat to make parallels and find truth in different avenues of education!

How convenient it is that Brad attends Southeastern, which is 30 minutes outside of Raleigh where my family lives. We met in the middle, at Morning Times in downtown Raleigh.

After frequenting downtown Atlanta (Brian almost daily), we couldn’t help but notice the difficult feel Raleigh brings. With Atlanta, the cultures are more broadly spread across many miles. Raleigh is more like Little Five Points meets Doraville and Midtown — all in one.

The Morning Times has a nifty upstairs gallery. Some of the art is quirky, some just bizarre. It’s here were enjoyed our coffee and scone with Brad.


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