Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 20, 2010

somewhere between blueberries and raspberries.

Summer has arrived.

At least that’s the comment Elisa & Maria made as we went blackberry picking today. After an afternoon at pool, we decided to start walking down Kennesaw Ave with buckets in hand. We were in search of the massive blackberry bushes (trees?) I’d spotted earlier.  (Do blackberries grow on trees, because that’s definitely how high these berries were!) Even before we noticed the tall, hanging berries, we saw the purplish/blue stained sidewalk beneath our feet. It was like we’d like we’d hit the jackpot… tons of fresh blackberries for the taking.

Now what to make? smoothies? muffins? blackberry cobbler?

Anyone have any suggestions? They are going to be delicious!



  1. correction: turns out these “blueberries” are actually MULBERRIES! I was kindly corrected by Neal and Michelle that Mulberries grow on trees and are less tart than blueberries. So, there you have it!

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