Posted by: Bethany Davis | May 6, 2010

wedding planning!

My dear Maid of Honor, Elizabeth, is now planning a wedding of her own. I had the pleasure of traveling to NC for a few days to chat, dream about wedding details, and try on lots of bridesmaids dresses. (see left!) Liz is going to be a beautiful bride! (I had to restrain myself from posting lovely pictures of her in wedding dresses!)

I admire she and Jess’ commitment to prayer and desire to make Christ the center of their wedding and marriage. For example, Liz’ favorite day of every month is the 23rd; it is also the day she committed to fasting and praying for her future husband.

After years of prayer, the Lord brought Jess into her life. AND, since her favorite day of the year is Oct. 23rd, it is only fitting that they should consecrate this day for their wedding. What wonderful answer to prayer and unique way to celebrate!

One of tasks during my time in NC was brainstorming about invitations and how to mail their save the date magnets. We had purchased some brown paper bags thinking their might be a handy way to use them and wrappers, but turns out they worked best as envelops!

We cut the bottom section off the bag, placed the magnet inside and let the flaps fall in place, forming the perfect envelop. Around 11 pm, I think the envelop making turned into puppet-show time… 🙂

I love Elizabeth’s spunk, style, and creativity. And most all, I’m thankful for our 15-year friendship!


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